Errata for Core Data by Tutorials, 7th Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 7th Edition of Core Data by Tutorials.

Point numbers are incorrect Chap 6 Custom migration.
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 7.00.01 AM

Forgive me if this has been mentioned already.

In Chapter 2, building the BowTies example, I believe the sample project was created prior to the introduction of Light and Dark mode on iOS.

The text color for the labels are set to “Default (Label color)” but my experience has been that when a user’s phone is in Dark Mode, those labels will not show up against white background view – my guess is because the system is changing the label text color to white automatically.

See attached example image – here I have set the “name” label to a text color of “Dark Text Color” and it shows up in both Light Mode and Dark Mode. However, in Dark Mode (the setting enabled when this screenshot was taken) the other labels are not appearing as their text color is still set to “Default (Label color)”.

Long story short, since the background view is set to white, one solution would be to make the background view color be an option that respects the operating system’s mode (Dark or Light).

What I’ve done is change the text color for all labels to be “Dark Text Color” to work around the problem.

Hope this is helpful – I was a bit confused at first and through some debugging, realized I was pulling the information out of Core Data just fine, so… it had to be a user interface issue, which led me to figuring out what I’ve just described.


@alokc83 @lcs-rgordon Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to the book team.

Fetching and performance on page 230 seems to be missing some images. Especially Page 234 where is says “This time, the Core Data Instrument should look like this:”

The heading numbering will be fixed in the upcoming new edition, thanks for your feedback!

The bowtie project has been updated for the upcoming new version to use the system background color so it responds properly to dark mode, thanks for your feedback!

The missing image has been restored in the upcoming new version, thanks for your feedback!

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