Errata for Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials 2nd Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 2nd Edition of Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials.

In 01-ar-quick-start/projects/starter/resources/TinyToyTank/TinyToyTank.rcproject, the turret entity is actually named “Cannon”, so this line of code suggested in 1.7 under “Parenting Entities” won’t work -

  tankAnchor!.tank, preservingWorldTransform: true)

The “final” version of the project’s reality composer file has the entity actually named “Turret”. Suggest changing it to “Turret” in the starter one too.

3.10 “Adjusting Object Properties” > “Enabling Physics” says “Click the Participates option to enable physics for the selected object. When the scene plays, the object will come to life and fall to the ground, just like a real object in the real world would due to gravity.”

I think it should also mention that you also need to click Motion Type: Dynamic (as shown in the screen shot - but it’s not the default) otherwise the cube will just hang there in space. (That’s mentioned in the next section, but somebody who stopped at this point to try it might wonder why their cube isn’t moving.)

edit: never mind, I see this “Send To” is mentioned in ch.6 on Image Anchors.

Tell you what I’ll finish reading before I make any other suggestions :slight_smile:

3.13 “What are reality files” suggests that the way to test out your Mac reality composer composition is to export it as a Reality file, find it in Files, airdrop it to your iPhone.

Even easier! Reality Composer has a “Send To” item in its toolbar that will quickly transfer the project from your Mac to Reality Composer on a nearby iPad or iPhone - so you can try it right out in AR on the iPhone, and even edit and make changes which will be automatically sync’d back to the Mac original. IMHO It’d be worth mentioning that.

Hi, I have just started first section, and when building the project either mine or final, I am getting this error: loading(assetPath: “”). This is on Xcode 13.4.1.

Edit: Never mind, I did not know the sounds were included but not downloaded in Reality Composer.