ePub for most recent tutorials

I have come to realize that the most recent release of iOS 11 tutorial book (WIP book) provided readers with both pdf and epub format. With ePub format, it presents the content nicely on the iPad pro, not certain if all those most recently released tutorials would also be converted to ePub format in the distant future or not!? or, future updates.

Hey thanks for the feedback @u2194739, i’ve passed it onto the rest of the team! While I know nothing about current plans for ePub, I do know that it looks great on iPad :heart_eyes: so here’s to hoping right :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your reply.

Also, I believe a greater percentage of developers may have an iPad as such.

I do not know about others, but I just tried the ePub on iPhone Plus, it worked like a charm. I do not need to muck around with the resizing of the pdf any more.

@u2194739: Glad to hear the ePub is working well for you! Moving our other books to ePub would be a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

providing other tutorials as an ePub version is an excellent idea

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It’s nice to have this book in ePub, it was welcome surpise. It would be even better to have old ones (‘iOS N by Tutorials’/‘Core Data by Tutorials’ in ePub. Please do them all, or at least ‘supported’ books).

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I also hope you will also convert older books to ePub. It’s much more pleasant to read on an Ipad than pdf.

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