Entrepreneurshipshipshipshipsh - learn entrepreneurship terms and acronyms with fun

Hey people!
I finally managed today to put in the App Store an app I was working on for about half a year!! The idea came from a lecture I was watching in which the guy talked about the difficulty of knowing those acronyms and terms of entrepreneurship such as CAC and LTV, a difficulty that I also always had and identified myself with. So, the idea I had was to make an app that was a kind of Duolingo for the “language of the entrepreneurs”.
If you can take a look and give me any feedback, thank you very much!!

The app is called Entrepreneurshipshipshipshipsh →

Have some time to check it!

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Hi @paiximarivida, congrats on your app release! The title is one of the most unique I’ve ever come across. I also like the UI containing the black lines; it’s very cool. Thanks for sharing your app :slight_smile:


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