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Electronics for iPhone Developers Tutorial: Create an Arduino Traffic Light!

This is a post by iOS Tutorial Team Member Dani Arnaout, a Computer Engineering Undergraduate at BAU,Lebanon. Dani has a YouTube channel full of programming & iOS related videos. Every day while going to school, work, or anywhere else you see traffic lights. They are everywhere, and they tell you when to stop and when […]

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@rwenderlich A quick question, I am a pure iOS developer having 0% knowledge in Electronics. By using Beardboard can we able to connect with any high end electronics devices like Fan, Tubelights, TV, AC, etc? Also within a single beardboard how many device can be controlled?

Yes you can, but before I tell you how I want to tell you I am neither an iPhone developer and neither web developer, and being a just a python desktop application developer I did figured out lot of things just by making good use of google, it is highly probably you have already got answer to your question. But here is how you do,

While using arduino any MCU board use [relay module](Amazon.com to turn on and off Air Conditioner whether based on temperature sensor reading or by a button in your iPhone , in my case I am hosting website from home so I have connected a solenoid giving water to plant automatically based on soil moisture and manually if I turn it on from 1209 miles away over internet.

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