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In this PencilKit tutorial, you’ll learn to use PencilKit and an application where users can draw on a canvas using provided tools.

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I published an app using the same UI like this and it rejected. Apple said we cannot use same UI like pencilkit.
How can I solve it.

Thank you,
Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 9.14.49 PM


When you said you used the same UI like this - is “this” referring to the tutorial’s sample app UI?

I see you’ve attached a screenshot with the PencilKit picker tools. Could you provide more details? I would love to see more details to better answer your question.

I used the same UI in the app.
But app was rejected due UI complains by the Apple.
I want to know how may I override the layout of these PK tools :slight_smile:

Question, why do you want to replicate the PencilKit picker tools UI?

Can I use the same components as different UI ?
Client needs it :slight_smile:
Would you help me to figure it out?

Thank you for sharing this link.
When I read your this post then, I got to know about that how pencilkit can be used for drawing.

If possible, can you please make this tutorial available in the PDF format?

This is a more advanced topic, but I would love a tutorial on how to use the drawing data in PKDrawing alongside a custom renderer (with Metal or CG) to create custom inks that behave differently from the PK ink tools. Thanks!
Here’s a post on the Apple Developer forums explaining further: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/657449?login=true