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Let's review what you learned throughout the course and discuss where to go next.

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Thanks for the awesome course, Caroline! This will certainly be my go-to reference when revising Core Graphics in the future.

I’ve got one issue though, albeit not with the course but with the drawing commands. As a beginner, I still find the differing UIKit and Core Graphics drawing commands thoroughly confusing. Do you happen to know any authoritative reference to ALL commands that, ideally, juxtaposes them? I’m all for mixing UIKit and Core Graphics as needed, but for that a complete list would come in handy instead of having to resort to stackoverflow every other time.

Thank you :blush:!

They are confusing. Especially when you have most, but not all, CG commands in UIKit, but sometimes it’s just easier to use the CG. SwiftUI compounds this, as you can do a lot in SwiftUI, but not everything. So now we have SwiftUI, UIKit and Core Graphics. I haven’t checked out the relative speeds either, but with modern devices speed no longer seems so relevant.

I learned CG from Apple’s Quartz 2D Programming Guide Introduction. It used to be available in pdf, but the only one I can find is this one: Free Software by Pascal Bourguignon

You could annotate that with the UIKit commands.