Display the data through speech to text

Hi guyyyzzz.
i am very much trouble to get solution to solve task,
how to set the certain period of time like 60 sec ,
while using speech to text concept and display data in textview,
How can we solve this issue?
please send if you have any Sample Projects??

Hi @santhoshios, thank you for posting here! Do you have any code to share with us?

@gdelarosa I think what he means is he want to have subtitles like effect on the speech to text.

can you please share your mail id?
i will send the project.

Hi @santhoshios,
I am not sure about sharing the email id on here, however if you are using text to speech using the AVSynth then look at the delegate methods, where you can get the word that is being spoken. It works for all languages.



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