Display File's Metadata in Tableview

Im trying to make an OS X app that opens a file and places the file’s name along with other metadata into a table view. To possibly get a better idea of what I am talking about, I have a screen shot. The pop up button doesn’t have anything to do with the app yet.

Ideally once you open a file, its name would appear in the “Map Name” text box and also in a table under “Map” in the tableview. Also in the tableview there is “Type”. This would hypothetically show data from a specific offset within that file but that is a whole other problem that is for another day. If anyone could help me out or give an example, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @stick,
I hope you found the solution to what you were looking for. Here is a similar question asked on the forum a while ago and @gdelarosa had some resources provided in that response. The concepts would still be the same, so you can use them for your app too.