Discord - Ray Wenderlich?

Hey everyone,

Has the team ever thought about creating a Discord server, so people can directly communicate as well + have a place to hang out related to what they’re so interested in?

I know I’d dig that, and possibly ( a lot of ) other people too.


This is something we’re definitely thinking of!

I’m curious - could you describe what this Discord would be like, ideally? What sorts of people would be there, what sorts of things would people talk about, etc?


Anyone I’d say, that is related to Ray Wenderlich I guess. It’d be interesting to talk about pretty much anything.

General - Apple, Android, Unity, …?
Podcasts - Articles - Videos - Books - Off-Topic - …

And to have the team there would be a big commitment in case of support I guess, but it’d already be nice to form something always easily approachable for people to jump in when they’re doing their daily “Ray Wenderlich” routine :wink:

Just thinking here, but I thought it could be a great thing if it ever happens, thank you for the fast response.

Thanks, this is helpful!

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Hola, so is there a discord channel now for RayW?

@sujoydey I will definitely let you know when I have any updates of any kind whatsoever about this. Thank you!

@ceramo69 @sujoydey You can read more about our Discord server over here:


I hope it helps!