Disco Mazes, Version 1.5 (Free, Universal)

Disco Mazes is a retro-futuristic, rhythm-n-motion, maze-action game, with an alt-science fiction story:

Disco preserves global balance in the universe through disco balls spread across galaxies to guard cosmic rhythm and light. To bring chaos, dark forces created robotic ghosts to hunt disco balls and absorb their disco mojo. In the final battle inside cosmic disco mazes ghosts are eliminated using disco powers.

The player controls one or more disco balls (the main character) and eliminates techno ghosts using powerups like: disco shield, disco steps, disco beats, disco king and disc jockey. The neon mazes, use of color, design of visuals, overall illumination and effects are inspired by the 80s.

As the developers of Disco Mazes, we also proposed a new theory of everything according to which:
the universe begun as a disco ball, while the big bang was just the starting music beat.




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