Difficult to Read?

Honestly, I don’t enjoy reading this book. It’s the same reason why I didn’t enjoy reading “RxSwift Reactive Programming with Swift.” In fact, this book is just the Combine conversion of the RxSwift book. This book even uses the exactly same sample project (Collage). And the Combine book has the same approach as the RxSwift book. They both use the playground to explain some concepts. We don’t use the playground to build apps. And these books seem to share the same goal: Using either framework or library for the MVVM architecture. I bought both books to see simple examples to see how I can use them. As for the Combine framework, I want to see simple sample projects like

Combine first example
Table and collection view data sources for Combine

to find out how Combine can be useful in coding a view controller involving one or two IBOutlet objects.

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider adding some simple view controller examples in future editions

That’s good to hear. Thanks.

Thanks for the valuable feedback. In addition to Marin’s notes, I think it’s important to note that every book and every book team has their own teaching methodology, and this book (as well as the RxSwift one - written by the same team) has sort of a pedagogical methodology where you learn Combine itself, and ramp up with more advanced SwiftUI-based projects later in the book.

I can understand your dissatisfaction with this, and I wish a single book could tend to all people, but unfortunately that’s not always possible.

I hope you still find some enjoyment and valuable knowledge within the pages of this book.

Thank you!