Difference between referencing outlets/sent actions


I’m working on Checklists and just added the Done Bar Button to both a Sent Action (done > add item) and Referencing Outlet (donebarbutton > add item). What is the difference between these two connections? Why do I need to do both for one button?

Also had a similar question regarding the textField - what does it mean to have the sent event “did end on exit” to be connected to “Done”? And why do you need both that and its referencing outlet (textField > Add Checklist)?


The outlet gives you a reference to the button / text field / etc. This lets you enable the button, read the text from the text field, and so on.

The action is what happens when the user taps the button / stops typing in the text field / etc. You need to listen to these events in order to do things when the user interacts with the app.

Does that make sense?

Yes - that makes sense now. Thanks!