Dev Opinion Poll the Second - Noise cancelling headphones

Hello fellow RW’ers.

I live in quite the noisy household, needless to say ( but I am going to say it anyway ) study and focus can be a challenge. Hence the opinion poll of noise cancelling headphones.

I had a cheap pair from Aldi, but with kids around and a poor manufacturing quality they did not last. Nor did they do a great job of reducing a lot of the background noise.

Your valued opinions on this matter would be much appreciated.


My favourite noise cancelling headphones are AudioTechnica ATH-MSR7NC (SG$300) and I wear these for long periods while flying, great headphones. Most importantly they actually sound good which is the reason I didn’t buy Bose QC35 or similar.

But I don’t wear them while working in the office. I use PSB M4U1 headphones. They are not active noise cancelling but they are sealed. That is important for two reasons. They don’t let noise in (so they don’t need active noise cancellation, which always affects music quality) and they don’t let noise out (so nobody else has to listen to what I am listening to). These were the Wirecutter’s top sealed headphone recommendation for a long time and they are very good. Another guy in the office has Oppo PM3 and is very happy with those, they are the current Wirecutter recommendation. PSB also make a M4U2 with active noise cancellation but I did not try them, sealed is enough.

I used to use Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 - got rid of them because the earpieces were uncomfortable. The 2.0 version or the top version with bluetooth and active NC might be better but I haven’t tried them.

If cost was no object, Beyerdynamic T5p. Wow.

Thanks for all of the information it is certainly much appreciated. I have searched the models you suggested and will also try some other models in-store.

I did pay a visit to the electronics store recently. I could only test a few models as the headphones I wanted to test at the time were sealed and unable to be tested without purchase. There is a specialty audio store on the other side of town that I would like to go and visit that have a descent supply of top quality equipment.

I would more than likely go with something like an Audiotechnica or Sennheiser. Perhaps after testing them Oppo or PSB.