Detail disclosure not presenting VC

I’m on page 121 of iOS Apprentice(Tables) and everything works so far… kinda.
The issue I’m having is a press on the detail disclosure (circle ‘i’ & chevron)
isnt presenting the ViewController (which edits). A press on it will do nothing but make it blink.
Instead a gesture towards the cell’s label will deliver the text to be edited
and present the new edit-ready VC. Doing this will also toggle the checkmark to the
left of the cell’s label.
All other functionality works as intended to this point.

If you have any idea why a press on detail disclosure isnt working I’d really
appreciate your feedback! btw I CTRL-dragged from the TableViewCell in the outline
to the Navigation Controller to ensure the proper object was initiating the segue.

Btw, Hollace if you read this, your prose & code are excellent and
make learning this material much less painless. Thank you!

That sounds weird. If you zip up your project folder and upload it somewhere, I can take a look.

I’ve written so much of my own ugly implementations into this project (which is badly coupled and spaghetti-ish) that it would be too embarrassing to upload it.

But I think I found the problem! When I made that edit segue (CTRL-drag from the UITableViewCell to navigation controller) I did NOT do Accessory Action as indicated in the book, but instead did Selection Segue. Is there a safe way to get rid of the current segue and replace it? Please keep in mind I already added the Save & Load functionality which is working as intended.

Thank you!

Forget it, working now! :grin: