Delegate issue with viewcontrolller

Let me tell you my issue. I have a view controller called SubmitContentViewController where i call UploadImage method from another class called UploadQueueClass. When the view controller called SubmitContentViewController loads [self callUploadQueueClass]; gets called and then UploadImage gets called. The user is transfered to another viewcontroller called ProgressBarViewController that has a progress bar label. I need the progress bar label of ProgressBarViewController to update directly from UploadImage when the completion callback returns data in generateIDforImage method from the network query. Please check the code below.


@implementation SubmitContentViewController

[self callUploadQueueClass];

 UIViewController *myProfileView = [self.navigationController.viewControllers objectAtIndex:self.navigationController.viewControllers.count-3];
[self.navigationController popToViewController:myProgressViewController animated:YES];
UploadQueueClass *queue = [UploadQueueClass new]; 
[queue UploadImage];



    @implementation ProgressBarViewController
    NSLog(@"ProgressBar View")

    UploadQueueClass *myClass = [[UploadQueueClass alloc]init];
myClass.delegate = self;
//delegate method of UploadQueueClass
     -(void)uploadingStartedDelegateMethod: (UploadQueueClass *) sender{
        NSLog(@"hello from UploadQueueClass - uploading started");


@implementation UploadQueueClass

        [[[ApiServicesProvider shared] userService] getCreatorsContentID:^(NSDictionary * _Nullable result, NSError * _Nullable error) {
                NSString* ccID = result.creatorsContentId;
               //here i want to update the progressBarLabel of ProgressBarViewController
                self.isUploading = NO;


So i was thinking to use delegate methods. So i created in the header file of UploadQueueClass.h a delegate method.

@class UploadQueueClass;             //define class, so protocol can see MyClass
@protocol UploadQueueClassDelegate <NSObject>   //define delegate protocol

-(void) uploadingStartedDelegateMethod: (UploadQueue *) sender;  //define delegate method to be implemented within another class
@end //end protocol

After i define the delegate method i need to set the delegate to self in ProgressBarViewController. I tried adding in ViewDidAppear of ProgressBarViewController the following code

UploadQueueClass *myClass = [[UploadQueueClass alloc]init];
myClass.delegate = self;

The problem is that when i call

self.delegate uploadingStartedDelegateMethod:(UploadQueueClass*)sender; 

in UploadQueueClass i notice that is not working. The app does not crash but the call is never triggered. I have to mention that the user is able to navigate through the app while the upload is still ongoing. So i do not know if the user is actually in ProgressBarViewController or not.

In conclusion i am trying to find a way to update the ProgressBarViewController label from UploadQueueClass at generateIDforImage method.

How can i achieve this? Any help appreciated.

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