Debug info in the Variables View Pane

Hi I just started using KMP. I’d love to be able to view info about the kotlin class variables while debugging in the Variables View Pane. The value and names for variables don’t show up for kotlin classes. It shows some general info about the class but that’s all. I can po and print variables just fine but that’s not ideal. Is there any solution here? I don’t understand why I can po but it’s not showing up in the variables view pane.

Which IDE are you using? You should be able to view variables. That’s a pretty basic feature of IDE’s.

I’m using Xcode sorry I should have been more descriptive. Here’s an example of the issue I’m encountering. I’m running the final project for 07-app-architecture

Hello dercspringer,

In Appendix B: Debugging Your Shared Code From Xcode, we go step-by-step on how you can do it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Briefly, you’ll need to install this plugin since there’s no direct support from the IDE.

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Hi cafonsomota,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve reread that section and installed the plugin. I’m able to debug kotlin variables in kotlin code but I’m unable to debug Swift variables of kotlin types in iOS code. I still run into the same problem I mentioned above. Is there anyway to have these variable values display while debugging swift code in iOS on Xcode?

Hello dercspringer,

I usually use the methods that you’ve mentioned in your initial message, typically po which is easier.

I’m not aware of a better solution at this time :/.