Dealing with device test

Hello friends,

A quick question.
Although I’ve never released an app yet(I’m a newbie…), I would like to share how you guys are dealing with real device tests.

We can test almost everything on the simulator, but to guarantee the quality, it’s better to test on real devices.
Do you line up multiple devices such as iPhones and iPads that your app supports? or limit the devices you support?


You don’t need to have one of every model of device Apple produces. It’s obviously helpful to be comprehensive, and you should design your UIs to work on all size classes of device, but your iPad apps should run on iPads, your Universal apps should run on iPhones and iPads, and your iPhone apps should run normally on iPhones and in compatibility mode on iPads.
The only ways to limit the devices you support are by iOS version and device capability - e.g. if your app requires the ability to make phone calls, you can limit your app to only devices which can make phone calls - but Apple Review will check whether your app actually uses the capabilities you’re claiming.

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