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Is there a link to a relevant unit test course on ray wenderlich?
I searched for it, but the results were not clear.

Thank you!

Hi! Yes, there is a Testing in iOS course.

There is also a tutorial for a quick introduction.

Thank you!!!

Hi are there any courses were we discuss more in-depth how recursions works?

Hi! I don’t believe there are any videos specifically on recursion, but it’s really just fancy jargon and not a deep topic.

Functions can call other functions! Recursion is when a function calls itself.

Hello, I’m having this error - I tried to google to see why cxxLanguageStandard is not available but didn’t see any results.

'init(name:pkgConfig:providers:products:dependencies:targets:swiftLanguageVersions:cLanguageStandard:cxxLanguageStandard:)' is unavailable

looks like the package file got in the starter, and the end folder has no package in. Fixed, all is good.

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