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Hi kind of a review on multiple videos, but when creators are in storyboards can you possibly go a tad bit slower? Viewers have to watch you complete a task, then complete the task our own storyboards. It’s really hard to keep up with the creators as viewers cannot keep one eye on the video and another on their storyboard at the same time. I’m spending more time pausing and replaying the video than I’d like which makes for a bad experience.

The information in the tutorials is really good and I enjoy the videos just wish the speed was a bit slower for people unfamiliar with the concepts being taught.

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+1 on this review, it is so difficult to match the speed and grasp at the same time we need to rewind it countless times just to get the hang of the content or topic, fast-forwarding editor part to reduce the video time is not saluted.

@mdotflow22 @aseem91 Thank you for you feedback - much appreciated!

Standard Values are not available in xcode 13, I can’t get the same interface and I don’t know how to do it.

Currently using Xcode 13. I have the same issue as @eliiot.

In the Size inspector, the option for “Standard values” for trailing and leading constants is grayed out.