Custom keypad vs in-app keypad Question

I have found it very frustrating trying to jump through all the hoops to have my app use a custom keyboard. I understand all the security issues involved in having custom keyboards that can access data with the iPhone and so on. I get that. I have sucessfully loaded a custom keyboard, but IMO this does not make for a good user experience for a user using my app which only requires a numeric keypad.

In all honesty, if Apple’s Number keypad included a simple ‘.’ I would not even be making this post. I have seen a tut that added a ‘Return’ key to that keyboard, but I wondered if Apple would approve of that. There is a blank ‘key’ at the bottom left and this seemed like a good thing to do. Anyway …

What I would simply like to have happen is that my ‘keypad’ is just a small view that appears at the bottom of the main view. It has numeric keys just like a ‘real’ keypad, but is an integral part of my app and not a keypad that can be used in any other application.

So my question is this? If I am able to make this work will it be rejected by Apple?

I’m probably missing a boatload of info, thus my query.


Thanks to my brand new ‘thick’ glasses, I just discovered Apple’s very own Decimal Pad.

Actually I’m a big fat liar because I was perusing Ray’s Tip Calculator tut and low-and-behold up popped this shiny new (to me …) Decimal keypad. Ray, you da, man!!

This ‘discovery’ will save me a ton of work and clear up all those dark clouds hanging over me. I will also have to take back all those nasty things I said about Apple in my starter post. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, …

This absolutely made my day!!