Custom error message in TVML

I’m working on a TVML app. Everything is working fine, but one of the videos playing is a live stream which is only available at certain hours of the day. If the feed is not available and I try to play it, I get a black screen with a message that reads “An error occurred loading this content”. Is there a way to change the text of this content, like for example to “This content is not available now. Please try again later.”?

@cesarcarlos Thanks very much for your question!

If the videos that are playing are live streamed, then there are two possibilities:

  1. It is a server side error, which means the error message is coming from the server. In this case, the message needs to be changed from the source.

  2. It’s a client side error, which means that you’d have to change the message locally.

One possible solution if you are unable to correct the message on your end, is to perhaps display a local view which is presented over top of the message that is currently being displayed, so the user sees your error message instead of the original. Just a thought :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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