Custom Annotation in MKMapView using SwiftUI

I have following problem to solve.
I want to put a placemark on my user location. That works fine. Now I want to set the marker in a subview to change the color and the markers glyph image and then put it on the screen.
I have a MKMarkerAnnotationView and a Model for it to handle all this things.
But the marker is static at the moment. How can I achieve it, to set the different things depending on conditions in my subview?image

I want to use the picker to set the image inside the marker. Can anybody help me to figure out how it goes?
Thanks a lot.

This is my mkannotationview

And this is my function to create a new Marker.
When I create a new marker, all the stuff of the static marker in my MkAnnotationView appears. So I think I’m on the right way.

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