Cube of spheres

Hi all,

I am working on my first iOS game. Traditionally I’m a Microsoft .NET web developer, but my love for my iPhone has finally convinced me to give iOS development a shot.

I’ve ran through several tutorials to get up to speed with Swift, and the same for Scene Kit.

My question for you all is I’m wondering if I’m going to have some serious performance issues with what I am trying to do.

Basically in my game I have a cube shape that is filled with “balls”. Each ball is separated evenly, so it could be a cube that is ten columns by ten rows high, and then ten backwards on the z-index. This would mean a total of 1000 balls to make up my shape.

Here is an example of what I mean (mine would not have lines and would be 10x10).

If I create a parent node (the cube), and add 1000 child nodes (the balls), is this going to take forever to load on an iPhone and should I be approaching this in a different way than creating 1000 objects like that? Again - first time game developer so maybe in the game-world this is totally acceptable, but back at my day job this would be a no-no.

Any help is appreciated!