Cross-platform mobile app development book

To the RayWenderlich team,

Is there any plan (if any) for a cross-platform mobile application with Xamarin book?

The reason is I really enjoy your books due to its thoroughness and sprinkle of humour here and there. However, as a developer, it is painful for me to keep track of what is going on in both Android and iOS ecosystems. More often than not, a cross-platform framework is sought after to ensure consistency while reducing porting between platforms. Among many, Xamarin is possibly my best choice (among React Native, Electron, Cordova, etc.) mostly because of the language it uses (C#) and the ability to develop cross-platform (both mobile and desktops). So this topic is mainly to express my interest in such book (it has to be done by you guys) and I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel so.

@rextruong1995 Thank you for your suggestion - much appreciated! I have passed it to the website’s book team and I will let you know their feedback regarding the whole thing soon.

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