Creating a Replay System in Unity |

A replay system is a great way to let players relive their best (or worst) moments of gameplay, improve their strategy, and more! In this tutorial, you’ll build a simple state-based replay system and learn about how replay systems work.

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Hey Teddy - great tutorial! For the skipping frames challenge, how about just doing a modulo on the currentRecordingFrames counter and only recording (or replaying) if it’s odd (or even)?

Hey Jackson! Thanks a lot, I loved writing it! Modulo with odd / even would totally work as long as you want to skip one frame :slight_smile: Nice one!

Hi Teddy,

Any plans on an article on how to do this with 3D objects? In particular, how to get the rotation of a GameObject? I’m trying to do it, but when I replay, it looks like the camera is spinning instead of the object!!

Great article… really got me on the right track (and saved me some cash, too!)…

FYI for anyone reading this - You need to set your rigidbody to kinematic so Unity doesn’t keep applying physics while you’re replaying.