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Lyndsey thanks for putting this class together. It’s been a lot of fun. As in software as well as life, there are always way to improve it. Keep up the great work.

I just edited a big rant that was more directed toward Apple and JPG versus PNG but it just tangents from the lesson.

This method:

class func createAdjustmentData(_ assets: [PHAsset]) → PHAdjustmentData? {

is actually using the ‘Memento Pattern’ which RW has a good lecture on. When I learned the pattern it was always as a way to DO/UNDO a UI operation. Apple uses it a lot more, especially in ways of persisting change records.

I would only recommend readers to watch the ‘intro’. If you get into the rest of the lecture you will need to start from the beginning as the teacher keeps refactoring an app with Design Patterns.


@cupofjoe Really glad you liked it! Cheers! :]