Create a website to manage the app

I need to change the label, images, categories via website. I wanted to know if there is a tutorial. Thank you all

You mean you want to change your ios app’s labels and images by going to a website and changing values?

You need to make the app fetch those values from the website first. Then you need to create the website in php or some web language to have a user modify the values your app fetches.

Do you know how to make web connections from your app to a URL?

thanks for the reply. Do you have any advice for me for connection from app to URL? Still I do not know if you work with json or xml

Sure. First learn to use nsurlsession to make connections from iOS device to web servers and get data. Here is a tutorial:

Then serve up some json from an online server containing your data.

Finally download that data into your app and use it to change the properties you need.