Create a Netflix-like subscription app/site for a proof of concept project

Hi everyone, I have a little dilemma and was hoping I could get some direction here.

I want to create a basic and bare-boned iphone app/website with the same basic functionality as Netflix. Think a basic video subscription app/website video librart for a proof of concept project. The goal would be to have it accessible through web and iphone through the app store.

I know basic html, css and php but have never played around with xcode + swift, however, I am a quick learner and don’t mind putting hours in for this project.

Basically, in your opinion, what would be the least complicated and safest way for app store inclusion way to accomplish this without paying someone else to create the app?

I can create a website with this functionality without any problem but I heard that the app store rejects app’s that are based on websites, is that a correct assumption?

Would really appreciate any advice on this!

Hi @brookelustig, I would suggest trying out Swift and iOS development. The Ray Wenderlich site is a perfect place to learn and in my opinion creating an iOS app for the Apple store would be the best route. If you have a spare weekend or even an hour or two, starting with the basics ( would be highly recommended. Because you want to create a Netflix type app, you will need to know about networking,API’s, saving data, AVFoundation and more. All of that you can learn here with the link I posted.

However, if you’ve never worked with Swift or have used Xcode before, I would suggest starting off with . It’s a great introduction to the language. I hope these suggestions will help you get started on your iOS journey. It really is rewarding and a great feeling to have knowing you developed your own app! Happy coding,


Hi @brookelustig,
in addition to the resources outlined by @gdelarosa, you might also want to consider looking at

Storyboards are the easier/manageable way for a beginner and many developers to create UI’s in Xcode applications.

Further, you might want to read on Video Streaming H.264 (to start with) for the actual playback.



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