Copyright, posting apps from tutorials on Github

I want to be able to post my work on Github, etc. so fellow developers can help me if I get stuck on bugs, modifications, etc.
Where do I find the required verbiage that must be added to the app to credit the author and or Ray Wenderlich as required? I am currently on iOS Apprentice.

I know I saw the information somewhere, I just can’t find it.

I think sadly that’s not possible w/o Ray’s permission. As the book says at first page:

“All rights reserved. No part of this book or corresponding materials (such as
text, images, or source code) may be reproduced or distributed by any
means without prior written permission of the copyright owner.”

That still allows you to put inspired app or edited app to the App Store, but doesn’t allow you to share its source code, or at least the one coming from Ray Wenderlich’s books

Hey all - sorry for the confusion here.

Actually it’s OK if you want to post the source code on Github, etc to get help, or use it in your apps, etc. - see the FAQ here:

However, you shouldn’t post the text of tutorials from our site and books anywhere.

For more details see the FAQ page. I hope that helps! :]

Hi Ray,
By the way, great job speaking at the Impact Software Summit the other day!
I have another questions. If I posted a screen shot of the “Bulls Eye” app or any of the tutorial apps on Github to get help, is there anything I need to credit as far as graphics?

Yeah it was great chatting w/ you Sharon! :]

No problem posting a screenshot to get help on Github. Mentioning it comes from would be appreciated.


Just want to clarify, if I wanted to take CoffeeQuest and post my finished version of it on my GitHub that’s allowed?

@emerchant90 Could you please let me know in what book on the website does this app appear exactly? Thank you!

@shogunkaramazov I hope this answers your question, it was from the MVVM section in Design Patterns.