Constraints for multiple fields

I am stuck. Attached is an image of my screen. I know there is way to manage these fields so they fit from end to end of the screen for each device using the app. I just don’t know how to manage the constraints for these fields.


I have tried using views, stack views and just playing with constraints so that these fields stretch from left side to right for all devices. Help!

Hi @sliesner and welcome to the forum community! If you’re using a storyboard what if you update the leading and trailing space to equal the superview? Not sure if that is what you meant when stretching the fields from left to right.


Hi Gina, I have tried to apply constraints both leading and trailing but no luck. When I refer to having it stretch from left to right, what I mean is If I put the 6 fields from the left side to the right side, it will work on any device smaller or larger (hence shrink or expand) to not have any space between the left most field and side and same on the other side.


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