Conflict between formTemplate and searchTemplate

I am working on a TVML app. The app has a menu bar on top and three screens: Home, Search and Log In.
The Home Screen loads fine, when I move to the Search page, it loads the search keyboard. When I move to Log In it loads the field with the keyboard (with letter and numbers) and a Submit button. The problem is, when I move back to Search something appears to happen to the keyboard in the Log In screen, for a split second the form becomes just the text, field and submit button without any keyboard. When I move back from Search to Log In the keyboard is out of place and it no longer responds to the user.

So basically if I use the menu bar to change between pages like this
formTemplate → searchTemplate → formTemplate
the keyboard in the formTemplate shifts position and becomes unresponsive.

I’ve tried putting other tabs between Search and Log In but the same keeps happening. Somehow the searchTemplate is affecting the formTemplate’s keyboard.

This only happens when the searchTemplate is present. If I remove this page from the menu bar, I can go to Log Ian as man times as I want and it always works.

Has anyone experienced problems when using a search page and a log in page with Menu Bar? Any way I can fix this? I need for the two options to be in the app, otherwise I’d take out the Search option.

I tested this in the Simulator and in Apple TV, same issue. Working with the latest Xcode.

Thanks for any help you can provide.