Concurrency by Tutorials still relevant?


Does this book supersede Concurrency by Tutorials? If not, is one better to start with than the other?

Hey @ericjenkinson that’s a spot-on question. I see the relation between the modern Swift concurrency and Grand Central Dispatch / Threads being very similar to SwiftUI vs UIKit.

The newer framework is supposed to replace the older one but it’s not a clean-cut process; as with SwiftUI, I’m sure projects are still going to use the older APIs for a while (maybe years).

In that sense, if you’re going to be working on new, fresh projects only that target iOS 13 or newer - you could only learn the new APIs. If you’re likely to work at an agency where you need to support older iOS versions and so forth, you might work with the older APIs exclusively for a while longer.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for the helpful response. I appreciate it.