Compiler warnings


in Chapter 20; Table Views at “Compiler warnings” it says:
“That’s simple enough to fix, right? Simply select the label, select the Add New Constraints icon at the bottom of the Interface Builder window, and add 4 constraints for the left, top, right, and bottom of the label.”

The “Add New Constraints” icon has never been covered before in the book.

Hi @danking, you may find the icon in the Interface Builder. There are four Auto Layout tools in the bottom-right corner of the Editor window. Source: Auto Layout Guide: Working with Constraints in Interface Builder

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Interesting timing @danking… I just ran into this same issue as well!

@gdelarosa I was able to find the “Add New Constraints” button, but I don’t understand how to properly apply these constraints or what they mean. Of course I can look this information up, but it seems like the intent was for this to be covered in the book. Are constraints covered in the book?

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Hi @clarkesm, it seems like constraints are covered in chapter 25 and chapter 38.

Got it. Thanks @gdelarosa!

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