Codesign prompt and the 1000 asks

Hi guy,

why Xcode ask me for many times to access the keychain and other times only ones or twice?
and if I click on ‘consenti’ (in English ‘allow’) pop up other codesign prompt. I’ve not counted but may 15, 20 popup come out.

how can I solve this problem?


(I think it means always)

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Please hit Always Allow (Please translate into your suitable language) button, as @aeberbach suggested.

@aeberbach, @vimipatel I’m sorry about the language.

Yes ‘Sempre’ means ‘Always’.

I’m sorry but i’don’t want to click on ‘always allow’ button. However I’ve send the problem to Apple. I hope to find the solution, because build the project and sign the code for 34 times is very very very boring.

Apple already gives you 3 options :

Always allow —> Sempre (Forever)
Allow —> Rifiuta (One time only)
Decline —> Consenti (Never)

you can select any of them. If you select Allow —> Rifiuta, definitely you have to allow it often.