Code AFloat Competition

Hello everybody,

I am Nicolas Guerin and I represent Digital Yacht. We are a UK and US based marine electronics manufacturer.

You’re a budding programmer or have a great idea for a new boating app? Then this could be for you….

Digital Yacht’s new Code Afloat challenge is a competition for innovative code writers that seeks to encourage and recognise ideas and applications that ‘change the game’ in the field of marine navigation, communication, safety, control or entertainment.

Applications and ideas will need to utilise Signal K, the new open source interfacing platform designed for electronics afloat ( ). Signal K makes marine application development easy with its plain text, JSON based format. Want to grab ship position, identity, wind speed and depth for your idea? It’s all easy with Signal K data.

This competition is looking for game-changing and impactful ideas and apps that have the potential to improve the way we utilise systems aboard boats, ships and other marine assets. The goal of this competition is to increase the use of Signal K data on all apps, open or closed source and give boaters more functionality and choices.

Apps can be submitted for any platform – iOS, Android, PC, MAC, LINUX etc. and of course web server code running on Raspberry Pi type hardware or HTML5 web apps running in a browser are also appropriate.

A headline prize of $2500 for the app award “Change the Game” is available and a 2nd and 3rd prize of $500 each for the best “Transform my boat” concept.

Anyone can participate in the competition

You can find out more and participate in the competition here:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Nicolas Guerin

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