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Very low sound, can you help me please

@mobiletraining This works in Safari without issues for me, what browser are you using exactly?

Chrome, thanks, with Safari the sound is better.

@mobiletraining I tested the video both in Chrome and Firefox on macOS and it works just fine there too. Are you watching it on Windows?

I’m works in macOS, for the moment Safari works for me, thanks.


Thanks for the screencast, I found it very useful.

can you clarify some points for me?

We created the TodoListPersistenceManagerOutputDelegate protocol and implemented it on interactor class, but we didn’t reference or use it anywhere. Was this done intentionally?

if we are going to use it, would it be correct as below?

Add TodoListPersistenceManagerOutputDelegate as reference to
TodoListPersistenceManagerInputDelegate and relate them on wireframe class

On TodoListInteractorInputDelegate implementation remove the presenter usage just call dataManager input delegate

TodoListPersistenceManagerInputDelegate implementation call the
TodoListPersistenceManagerOutputDelegate (interactor) reference to pass the result to interactor and from there to presenter …


@anthony_lockett Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]