Checklists Info Button won't segue after

Hi all. Im learning iOS in school, and I have come across this issue. On the upper left corner, The segues (I believe) need to be in the Table View menu, not at the bottom of the Checklists Scene.

I have tried everything to do this the way the book shows me to do, (its on page 113 of the book) but Xcode simply will not let me do this. I am running Xcode 9, but the book is the last edition. I was holding off on updating, as I was midway through the project, and didn’t want to cause any more issues than this newb already has, …lol. maybe this is my problem.

The segues appear correctly in the screenshot as far as I can tell. I am not sure how they appear in the screenshot in the book in the previous edition though since I don’t have that handy to check.

If you set up the segues as mentioned in the book and they function correctly, don’t worry about the screenshot would be my advice. But if you are running into some issues, please do mention what the issue you’re seeing is and I (or somebody else) might be able to help you :slight_smile:

The Checkmark and the Add button both work fine, but the edit button is on the wrong field. when I click across the entire label field, it segues to the edit item screen and toggles the checkmark.
lets see if I can get a screenshot of the attributes. Thanks for the help, fahim.

Changing the field to go to the info button is what Im having such an issue with. I just cannot figure out how to re-size it and make it work correctly.

OK, it sounds as if you’re trying to resize the disclosure indicator button and can’t get it to work correctly? Is that correct? You can’t really resize the disclosure indicator (the ⓘ button) since that is not a control you’ve added but is one of the built-in controls.

On the other hand, it does sound as if you have the edit segue set to the row rather than the disclosure indicator button. If you are following version 5.0 of the book, then first select the Edit segue and delete it and then follow the steps on page 113 to set the Accessory Action again.

Let me know if it doesn’t help.

alrighty. I went to the source code and compared the 2. I did eliminate a lot of duplicate and redundant code, and that helped a ton, but didnt fix my issue.

But I’ll try to ask this a different way, probably should’ve asked it this way origionally:
When I click on the field using the source code, it just turns the checkmark on and off. However, when on MY code, I click on the same field area, and it goes to the Edit Item screen. THis seems to be my only issue, currently.

I originally thought it was in the storyboard, but now that I’ve thought about it for a few days, I’m wondering if it is somewhere in the code. I mostly do not remember where this segue is programmed in.

Based on your screenshot, it looked as if you had set a segue from the table row cell to the Edit Item screen. And if you also have a table view delegate set to handle table row selection, then the behaviour you mention would be consistent with that.

So, as I said, check the edit segue in your storyboard and see what the segue is connected to.

But if you can’t figure it out, perhaps you can upload your project somewhere and provide a link here and I’ll take a look. Talking about the project in abstract terms is not very conducive to trying to figure out what is going on :slight_smile:

Im working on that now, thank you.
The thing I cannot figure out now (and Im back to page 113 in the book doing it again) is that I cannot get a segue to drag from the Table View Cell to the Nav Controller next door. Xcode simply won’t let it connect.

I will upload and send you a dropbox link here shortly. Again, Thank you for the help.

again, I’ve deleted the segue, but it will NOT control-click from the table-view over to the Navigation View Controller in the next field. -Im doing something wrong, but I cant figure out what it may be.

FOUND IT!! I needed to select the second “Select Modally” on the attributes menu after I created the segue link.

Thanks again for all you patience, fahim. It is appreciated.

Glad to hear that you were able to figure it out :slight_smile: Sorry about the late reply but had to go out yesterday after my last reply and so wasn’t around.

I don’t know if this was part of the issue, but if you were having trouble selecting the table view cell (instead of one of the UI elements within the cell) using the Document Outline is usually very helpful - at least for me …

Anyway, I’m glad that you were able to sort things out and if you run into any issues, do post here and I’m sure somebody will help you.

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