Chapter 9. Starter project working slowly

When im start working with chapter 9 in moment “animating with replacing constraints” Xcode start working really sloooow.
Problem start when im add this code in project:

if constraint.firstItem === titleLabel && constraint.firstAttribute == .centerX {
constraint.constant = isMenuOpen ? -(view.bounds.width/2 - titleLabel.bounds.width/2 - 20) : 0.0
Auto complete is about 5-8 sec, building of project is about 15-20 sec.

At first I think problem with Xcode or Mac memory.
But after some manipulation like clear cache, updating system and reinstall Xcode nothing change.

But when I’m open another project my or from the book it’s work normal.

What problem can it be?

If I’m commit this part of code everything working great!

@mishania13 Does this happen with the sample project for the chapter too?

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