Chapter 8, Testing on iPhone X

I’ve complete the first lesson. While everything is OK, except that layout of iPhone X is very strange. I checked the process in the book, and made sure that change form “safe area” to “superview”. I tried a lot of methods, while only to mess up.

To check the right thing, I open the “the final project provided for this chapter”, the its simulator is perfect. So I compare its set with mine, but can’t find the big difference.

In the other hand, I’ve found some similar topic in the forum(Bulls Eye App with iPhone X), but the situation doesn’t look the same.

The top and bottom just works well, so what is the problem about leading and trailing in iPhone X version. THX for your help!


I’ve found why.
Just switch the “Content mode” from “Aspect Fit” to “Scale To Fill” in the backround’s attribute inspector. Now everything is OK.

@astost Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! :]

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