Chapter 8 - Animations vs. real content - V5

I have the latest book - iOS_Animations_by_Tutorials_v5

There is something not right with Chapter 8 - Getting Started With Layer Animations. In particular the section that says “Animations vs. real content” I’m running Xcode 10.1 on a iPhone XR simulator iOS 12.1 I do not experience that the real UITextField remains out of view when the animation is finished.

It says… “the text field is right where you left it: offscreen to the left!” - not true, it is on the screen and I can type into it.

I went through this chapter twice looking for what I might have done wrong. Nothing found. Also, there is a line that says “You removed the line that sets fromValue some time ago” - the chapter did not ask to remove this line, only to add it.

Running the same code on a real iPhone X 12.1.3 gives the same results.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?


@demoend Do you still have issues with this?

The author is aware of the issue. They said…
“The behavior seems to have changed slightly in the latest releases and the issue mentioned in the book in first place is not observable anymore.”

Thanks for posting these questions. I’m working through the book now (4 months later), and I too came across the same issues. These problems of the actual objects being out of sync with the presentation layer seem to be a thing of the past in xCode 10.2.1.

Also, the note mentioned by @demoend about the book indicating that we removed “the line that sets fromValue some time ago” is also true. The book does not ask us to remove it.

These couple pages should really be revisited.

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