Chapter 7 - Final Cloud Notes - iCloud Not Syncing

I tried to run the Final version of Cloud Notes on my iPad and on the Simulator in the same instance of Xcode as described in the book. However, the notes are not syncing. Notes created on the Simulator stay only there and vice versa for my iPad. When I go to the iCloud gauge, it says “iCloud Not Configured.” I’m lost as for what to do because this was the Final - Cloud Notes that is fully configured and the book does not state details for this issue. Please Help. Thanks.

I found the problem…Simulator. For some reason, my Simulator’s iCloud is not working. Hooking up 2 apple devices with the same iCloud account works just fine. If anyone knows a work around to making Simulator’s iCloud functionality work properly, informing me (and others here) would be great! Thanks!