Chapter 7 cube bad access

When I change the model to be rendered to the cube I get a BAD_ACCESS error when running. This happens both from the starter project when I follow along as well as when running the given final project.

@bababoega what version of Xcode and what version of macOS are you running it on?

@mhorga Iā€™m using the new betas both for macOS and Xcode

@bababoega - the bad news is that I have no idea why that cube obj file has suddenly stopped working.

The good news is that the one in this zip file should work. (I took the old cube into Blender, had a look at it, and exported it again.) (11.1 KB)

cube.mtl in the starter has the roughness and tangentSpaceNormal maps commented out with a #:

#map_roughness cube-roughness
#map_tangentSpaceNormal cube-normal
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Works with the new cube!

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Oh good! Thanks for letting us know.