Chapter 7 Can't tap "info" button twice

I found a bug in the Bullseye app in section 1. After inserting the navigation view and clicking the info button once, the application correctly moves to the about screen. However, after hitting the back button, the pressing the “info” button again, it no longer moves to the about screen.

The info button is doesn’t work when trying to hit it a second time. I checked the source code, and it does that same exact thing, so I know it’s not an error in my code. When running the final app source code, I am still getting the same bug.

I am running:
XCode version 11.3.1
and MacOS 10.15.3

The bug appeared on both the IPhone 11 and IPhone 8. Those were the only devices I tested it on.

***EDIT: I Updated to:
XCode version 11.4
and MacOS 10.15.4
and the bug resolved itself. It must have been a bug in XCode 11.3.1

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@cstock Glad you sorted it out! Cheers! :]

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