Chapter 4: USDZ Files & USD Python Tool - Apple Silicon Bug Solution

Problem: Unable to use usdzconvert in terminal after opening USD.command file.

Device: M1 Max Mac Book Pro (Apple Silicon)

Step 1:
Follow instructons from stack overflow to create a shell resource file (.zshrc)
*Note: This stack overflow answer also provides tip for solving any issues you may be having with .fbx files and reality converter utilizing the same .zshrc file, but have not been able to successfully execute yet for .fbx files.

Step 2:
Create Duplicate of Terminal and Rename to Rosetta-Terminal. Right click on Rosetta Terminal → Click GetInfo → Check - Open with Rosetta

Step 3:
With Rosetta-Terminal open. Open - USD.command file. You can test succes by executing usdzconvert -h in the terminal.

*Note: Make sure the paths you pasted into the .zshrc file match the location of the usdpython folder you installed.