Chapter 4 Challenges

The following is what I have done. I need some validation in order to know if I did the challenge correctly in order to continue with the eBook, any help with this matter will be appreciated.

command: conda create -n tfenv --clone mlenv

command: activate tfenv

command: install -U tensorflow

command: pip install -U tfcoreml

command: conda list

shows that tensorflow 1.13.1 pypi_0 pypi was installed. Does it suppose to be pypi or pip?

command: conda list coremltools

Shows that coremltools 2.1.0 pypi_0 pypi was installed.

Question 1: Did I cloned the environment correctly?

Question 2: Every package that has been installed in that environmet (turienv) will be installed and contained or encapsulated in that environment alone?

Quetion 3: If I delete an environment (turienv) from my computer, every package that was installed in that environment, every action that was done in that environment will be deleted leaving no trace of whatever was installed or done in that environment?

Question 4: If I delete Anaconda from my computer, will the environments that I had created will be deleted as well?

Question 5: How to delete just turienv so I can recreate that environment again? I’m asking for this because I would like to do chapter 4 again to make sure that everything is installed correctly.

Thank you!!!

@audrey Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Q1: all your commands look fine!
Q2: some packages are in more than one environment
Q3: I don’t think the packages are deleted, nor any Jupyter notebooks
Q4: the default location for environments is the anaconda folder, so they’ll be deleted when you delete anaconda
Q5: conda remove --name turienv --all

  • there are yaml files for all the environments in the starter folder, so you can do the ML exercises without creating environments yourself
  • Conda has a lot more detailed documentation in their user guide