Chapter 4 Challenge: Adding Cursor

The challenge was to add a custom focus node which has a cursor and Obelisk. I have added the obelisk from the models folder and loaded its texture that was easy as we did in the chapter but i don’t know from where (or how) to import the cursor (Throw Dice Here).

is that is because i am not expert with SceneKit ?

@chrislanguage Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi there,

The (Throw Dice Here) part of the FocusScene is a Plane - you can find it under the Object Library, then just drag and drop it into the scene. Finally add the texture to it similar to how you added the texture to the Obelisk.

I also recommend reviewing the challenge project from Chapter 4, as it has the solution in it. Go take a look at PokerDice.scnassets/Models/FocusScene.scn.

Hope that helps.

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