Chapter 3 Split Screen with Photos not working

In Chapter 3 the statement “… The easiest devices to test on are 11-inch or larger iPad Pros. Enter split-screen with Photos by dragging the icon to the right-hand side of the screen…” does not seem to be true. I have tried the V1.00 and V2.00 Chapter 3 Final projects with Xcode 11.7 and Xcode 12.4 on my 8th Gen iPad, the Simulator iPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen, and other Simulator iPads. In no case can I get a split-screen window to appear. In fact, the camera icon is never draggable.

I have noted that this forum mentions a number of problems with Chapter 3 Drag and Drop, but not this particular problem.

Hi @101airborne and thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I’m going to ping @rwenderlich and see if he can maybe help us find the right person for this question.



There are multiple ways to open an app in split screen, here’s Apple’s docs on how to do it:

On the simulator, I think the easiest way is to open one app (i.e. the sample app), then open the dock by swiping up from the bottom edge of the simulator, and then dragging the icon of the other app (i.e. Photos) to one side of the screen.

You mention the Camera icon. Please note that Camera and Photos are not the same app. I am not sure that Camera supports split screen.