Chapter 3: Challenge 2 Animation not happening

Hi there,

in Chapter 3 - challenge 2, I added a simple View Transition animation method into the resetForm method :

func resetForm(){

        with: status,
        duration: 1,
        options: [.transitionFlipFromTop],
        animations: {
            self.status.isHidden = true
   = self.statusPosition
        completion: nil)

However once the resetForm method is called, status view hides straight away. No animation is happening. Any idea why this could happen ?


@zawe Do you still have issues with this?

I’m having the same issue. I’ve also gone ahead and tried the transition code block found in the resources folder. It too is just resulting in the status view disappearing without any animation.

Furthermore, I built and ran the solution given in the ‘challenge’ folder for this chapter in the resources, and the transition animation fails for that as well.

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