Chapter 25: kotlin/native

I’m wish to print ‘hello’ from main using konanc -o hello hello.kt. Te following from terminal: bash: konanc: command not found

Hi! Can you confirm that you downloaded the correct version and added it to your path?

Thank you for your prompt response Victoria,

From GitHub: 1.5.10
Command: export PATH=“$PATH:/Users/ubom/bin/kotlin-native-1.5.10/bin”
Then: source ~/.bashrc
However when ran: ‘command not found’, ‘directory not found’
This book is so old I think I’m going to burn out maybe I should burn the book before I burn out LOL

Are you on a mac or windows machine? These look like the instructions for mac.

If you are on mac, export PATH="$PATH:/Users/ubom/bin/kotlin-native-1.5.10/bin should be added to your ~/.bashrc (or equivalent) rather than run as a command, then the source command executed.

Hi V, I restarted Terminal, yet ‘command not found’ - checkout the png. Thanks as always.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 12.25.47 AM


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@_iniubom Hi! I wasn’t experiencing your exact same issue, but I realized I was downloading and not kotlin-native-macos-1.5.10.tar.gz. I didn’t see the same file structure as the example in the book, or find/use the same files/paths, and it was because of that.

Hope it helps at all.